Summer Cleaning= Making Prints!

Camera Cleaning Helps the Art Flow!

I’m going through my camera to try and clean out some of the pictures I have. In doing so, I’ve found some lovely pictures that I can turn into greeting cards, and for the first time I’m trying prints!

PRINTGrapeplantbw11x14ExampleAbove: My photo “Grape Plants” which I have edited for prints!

I am going to be editing more, and showing you all how I did it with a tutorial. What would you like to see tutorials about? Answer below or pop me a message! I will also be writing about how to take good pictures of your artwork and ready them for prints. What qualities to use, how to find a great printer and the paper to ask for.

So please! If you have anything you would like me to write about, please ask me!


How do you Holiday!? ;)

Xmas Banner

With Christmas approaching I have added our November Newsletter! Are you making any hand-made gifts? If you missed the October Newsletter, you can see it here.
I would love to see some, feel free to post your crafts, ideas and questions below. I hope everyone’s holiday preparations are coming together, before you know it the big day will be here!
Stay tuned for more Christmas artsy treats.