My latest addition to my sketch challenge, Lips!
Im a little rusty with my pencil crayons, but it was still fun to do. You can also visit the Master Month page and see a painting im working on. Not front page worthy yet, but maybe next week!

Ive been busy with my scarves, you can visit my Etsy Shop to see some more artworks, and lovely handmade items.

A do-it-yourself scarf blog is coming shortly! Just need put the pictures together,so stay tuned.

Keep drawing,



First Week Done!

Jan 19/2014

So its been a week, and I’ve completed all three sketches!! Yaaay! They aren’t the best, but hey! I’m just warming up, ya know?
You can take a look at them under my Master Month page above!
I hope now to make some more complex artwork- I will try my hardest! Maybe a painting will get in there this week. Who knows!
Stay artistic!