Summer Cleaning= Making Prints!

Camera Cleaning Helps the Art Flow!

I’m going through my camera to try and clean out some of the pictures I have. In doing so, I’ve found some lovely pictures that I can turn into greeting cards, and for the first time I’m trying prints!

PRINTGrapeplantbw11x14ExampleAbove: My photo “Grape Plants” which I have edited for prints!

I am going to be editing more, and showing you all how I did it with a tutorial. What would you like to see tutorials about? Answer below or pop me a message! I will also be writing about how to take good pictures of your artwork and ready them for prints. What qualities to use, how to find a great printer and the paper to ask for.

So please! If you have anything you would like me to write about, please ask me!


I would like to greet you,

… With my greeting cards! I put my prints on these lovely greeting cards. They can be framed afterwards and are signed by me. Prints of my favorite paintings and my photography are available at my Etsy store!

Now available to purchase at my Etsy store!!
Now available to purchase at my Etsy store!!

Im working on sizing them up for bigger prints, which will be available soon.Yaaay! If you want to look at my cards which are available, you can find my etsy store here!!!

You all must be wondering where I’ve been for the past almost month!Ive moved to Vancouver!! Im so stoked to be here, but unfortunately my art has taken a small pause beacuse I had to leave most of my supplies at my home in Ottawa. (Darn.) But you can expect some more sketches soon, ’cause I need to get back on that horse! If you have any suggestions for drawings, or paintings I would love it!

I’m thinking you guys might see some attempts at Game of Thrones artworks soon. I’ve been watching the show, and am hooked. I must create! So please, comment, like and maybe even follow my facebook page! (if you dare!)

Catch you all later,




My latest addition to my sketch challenge, Lips!
Im a little rusty with my pencil crayons, but it was still fun to do. You can also visit the Master Month page and see a painting im working on. Not front page worthy yet, but maybe next week!

Ive been busy with my scarves, you can visit my Etsy Shop to see some more artworks, and lovely handmade items.

A do-it-yourself scarf blog is coming shortly! Just need put the pictures together,so stay tuned.

Keep drawing,


My Master Plan

As I am sitting here, trying to get through my last semester of law homework and all I can think about is how much I have *not* been drawing and painting. And because of this, I am going to challenge myself, and others who follow me right this moment. Every week, until February 14th I am going to draw, paint or create 3 pieces of artwork a week and post it on here. If I do not, I will of course upset anyone who sees this and be very embarrassed. So I kind of have to now, don’t I!

I’ve been so busy with other things, I have made it a habit of pushing out my most favorite skill. I want to get it back, and this is the way! So starting this week, there will be 3 new pieces, be it sketches, painting, or whatever in a new page titled ‘The Master Month Plan’. If you love to draw, paint, or whatever, please feel free to join me in this challenge. I hope this gets me out of my artistic rut!
May the challenge begin!!!

-Kala Ritchie

Holy New Year Batman!

Well, its been a crazy year, and a busy busy month of December!
I have obtained a new camera, a Sony NEX-3NL and i’m not afraid to use it!
I took some wonderful pictures, took a wonderful vacation break and now i’m ready to go full-steam ahead with my business, art projects and school.
I’m making some pretty amazing new year resolutions, and I hope you are too!
What does 2014 have waiting for you, or me? The only way to find out is to sail the seas of life, and try to love every minute of it.
Stay tuned this year for *a lot* more content on this website, and I would love to hear from all of you too.
I end this little update with some of my favorite photos I’ve taken so far with my new camera, enjoy!

Moss in Winter Snow Bark Peace full PineconeAll photos taken by Kala Ritchie.

How do you Holiday!? ;)

Xmas Banner

With Christmas approaching I have added our November Newsletter! Are you making any hand-made gifts? If you missed the October Newsletter, you can see it here.
I would love to see some, feel free to post your crafts, ideas and questions below. I hope everyone’s holiday preparations are coming together, before you know it the big day will be here!
Stay tuned for more Christmas artsy treats.