Photography Adventures

April 19th, 2014

Photo Shoot with My Little Sis!

I had to take some pictures of my new scarves and I wanted to try shooting with a live model. So I asked my sister, and she came along!

It was my first time seriously shooting a live model, and I have to say it was challenging and fun at the same time. Having to tell them what you would like, and distracting them enough so they weren’t thinking too much about their pose was pretty interesting. Sometimes, I just made her laugh and it looked amazing!

Special thanks to Ivy for being my Etsy model!! 😀

RusticBed Corrected Mepic1 Redsquiggly02 redquiggly03 BrownPattern02 BlackTriangle01 redsquiggly04 UrbanHip02 UrbanHip03 WhiteFloral02 BlackFloral04 BlackFloral01 BeigeScarf03 WhiteFloral04


March 29th, 2014

Found a Cool Creepy Building!! 

Well! Its been a while, almost a month. Oh my! I’ve been very busy creating, and taking pictures so I thought I would post some pics of this abandoned building I came across in my town!

I’m playing around with editing them, and this is what I came up with. Pretty awesome, I must say! I will have to go back- since I didn’t get all the shots I want, I almost died waddling into the snow with my shoes to get these shots. They are not as awesome as some I want to take!

I have to keep an eye out for creepy buildings now.. they are so cool!

TextureOldBuilding01 OldDoor_B&W Old_BuildingWindow_01 Old_WindowB&W Old_Building_01 Grafitiandwood02 GraffitiB&W Graffitti Door_03B&W


Think you Can Carve a Pumpkin?

 Think again! I took this amazing tour through Upper Canada Village and was blown away.  All of these amazing scenes were carved with pumpkins; simply amazing. I knocked on a couple of them, and they seem to be made of fiber glass- which is alright with me since they can keep these amazing artworks year after year to please the crowds. You can pick these pumpkins up at Michael s, or any craft store and carve or paint your own pumpkin masterpiece to use year after year. Amazing!

So sit back, take a close look at these amazing works of art and tell me what YOU are carving for Halloween!

This display certainly makes me think twice about how I can make a epic pumpkin. Maybe I will try something different this year.

Have a spoooky pumpkin filled Halloween, and don’t eat too much candy!



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