First Week Done!

Jan 19/2014

So its been a week, and I’ve completed all three sketches!! Yaaay! They aren’t the best, but hey! I’m just warming up, ya know?
You can take a look at them under my Master Month page above!
I hope now to make some more complex artwork- I will try my hardest! Maybe a painting will get in there this week. Who knows!
Stay artistic!


My Master Plan

As I am sitting here, trying to get through my last semester of law homework and all I can think about is how much I have *not* been drawing and painting. And because of this, I am going to challenge myself, and others who follow me right this moment. Every week, until February 14th I am going to draw, paint or create 3 pieces of artwork a week and post it on here. If I do not, I will of course upset anyone who sees this and be very embarrassed. So I kind of have to now, don’t I!

I’ve been so busy with other things, I have made it a habit of pushing out my most favorite skill. I want to get it back, and this is the way! So starting this week, there will be 3 new pieces, be it sketches, painting, or whatever in a new page titled ‘The Master Month Plan’. If you love to draw, paint, or whatever, please feel free to join me in this challenge. I hope this gets me out of my artistic rut!
May the challenge begin!!!

-Kala Ritchie

Holy New Year Batman!

Well, its been a crazy year, and a busy busy month of December!
I have obtained a new camera, a Sony NEX-3NL and i’m not afraid to use it!
I took some wonderful pictures, took a wonderful vacation break and now i’m ready to go full-steam ahead with my business, art projects and school.
I’m making some pretty amazing new year resolutions, and I hope you are too!
What does 2014 have waiting for you, or me? The only way to find out is to sail the seas of life, and try to love every minute of it.
Stay tuned this year for *a lot* more content on this website, and I would love to hear from all of you too.
I end this little update with some of my favorite photos I’ve taken so far with my new camera, enjoy!

Moss in Winter Snow Bark Peace full PineconeAll photos taken by Kala Ritchie.

Website of the Day: Windsor and Newton

I just stumbled upon this lovely article, which gives some great advice! I thought I would share it, because it is very inspiring and gave me some ideas to help get yourself out there as an artist! It is an article on the Windsor and Newton website.

The article talks about the challenges new artists face, and how what you can do to make it easier to get yourself seen.
To all those struggling, new artists out there:
You can do it! Don’t give up!
Just like any career, you need to research, research research. Know what your getting into, the troubles your going to face; and always look at every opportunity!!!
Sure, it’s hard. But what isn’t in life? 😉
Broken Down
I leave you all today with a picture I took, that I plan on painting. It is a very, very old truck which I think  would be lovely in watercolor. It was taken up on a deserted hill- who knows how long it had been there! Simply amazing what nature can do.

Stay creative!

Kala Ritchie

Word of the Day- Relief

So my craft show came and went this weekend, but it was so much fun! I met many nice people and vendors. Relief is the word of the day because of that feeling after a show- its over, and it went well! A lovely painting found a home,its always good to see them go to a good home 😉 There is a painting out there for everyone, sometimes it just takes a while!

Sold! I'm glad she found a home. :D
Sold! I’m glad she found a home. 😀

How do you Holiday!? ;)

Xmas Banner

With Christmas approaching I have added our November Newsletter! Are you making any hand-made gifts? If you missed the October Newsletter, you can see it here.
I would love to see some, feel free to post your crafts, ideas and questions below. I hope everyone’s holiday preparations are coming together, before you know it the big day will be here!
Stay tuned for more Christmas artsy treats.

My Carving Skills are Elite.

So, I said I would get to carving some pumpkins so here they are, just in time for Halloween! The first one (the cat) took most of my time, I was very patient with it. Until I got to Mr. Odd Face. By that time, I was tired and bored of the whole carving experience, but I kept going for you guys! So here they are, in all their glory- my wonderful festive pumpkins. Hey, they arn’t the best, but its all in the spirit of the holiday, right?! 😉 I hope you all have your pumpkins carved and decorated! Have a great Halloween,

Delicately placed pumpkins, ready for trick or treaters!
Delicately placed pumpkins, ready for trick or treaters!
My hard work paid off! I almost cut the tail off. Its harder than it looks!
My hard work paid off! I almost cut the tail off. Its harder than it looks!
And- this is where I lost my energy, He still looks spoooky though!
And- this is where I lost my energy, He still looks spoooky though!

Artful Tips and Hints: New!

I have just updated my Monthly Newsletter with my first post: 10 Tips I learnt As an Artist. You will find all my discoveries as an artist, how to make your life easier, and what to do if you get stuck on a art piece! Hopefully this will help those artistic gears grind so we can all get back to what we love to do best: Create! Happy Thanksgiving, and talk to you soon!