I would like to greet you,

… With my greeting cards! I put my prints on these lovely greeting cards. They can be framed afterwards and are signed by me. Prints of my favorite paintings and my photography are available at my Etsy store!

Now available to purchase at my Etsy store!!
Now available to purchase at my Etsy store!!

Im working on sizing them up for bigger prints, which will be available soon.Yaaay! If you want to look at my cards which are available, you can find my etsy store here!!!

You all must be wondering where I’ve been for the past almost month!Ive moved to Vancouver!! Im so stoked to be here, but unfortunately my art has taken a small pause beacuse I had to leave most of my supplies at my home in Ottawa. (Darn.) But you can expect some more sketches soon, ’cause I need to get back on that horse! If you have any suggestions for drawings, or paintings I would love it!

I’m thinking you guys might see some attempts at Game of Thrones artworks soon. I’ve been watching the show, and am hooked. I must create! So please, comment, like and maybe even follow my facebook page! (if you dare!)

Catch you all later,



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